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"Stop The Clock" International Mod/60's Rally

"Stop The Clock" Weekender Program + Info!


"Stop The Clock" International Mod/Sixties Rally
30 + 31 January 2009
@ Stage Performances Venue
Larissa - Greece

Walking down the roads of wonderland, near the fields of Barbara's Farmers the eight
year's old child, named Belle Vue discover the old Gene Drayton's Unit clock
tower! Under a foggy and odd atmosphere a weird sound passed through the trees!
The music was like clouds flying through the leafs and clouds had human faces!
Whispering to himself, said: Ohhhh! The Moving Sounds!
If you want to live this
wonderful fairy-tale don't search around for a book!
It's easy to find it in the real life!
Just turn your clocks about thirty years earlier, wear your smart dresses or suits and
take the road to Larissa at the end of January 2009!
Belle Vue will be waiting for
you to have fun together in a two days explosion of psychedelic, freakbeat, garage
and groovy sounds from the wonderland of the 60's movement!
And for those who
can't wait let's give them a taste.

Friday Jan 30 2009
15:00': Lunch at "Hobo RnR Restaurant" with the decks 'on'
21:00': Doors Open at "Stage Venue Performances"
22:30': THE BARBARA FARMERS (GR) live!
00:00':THE MOVING SOUNDS (SWE) live!
+ Allnighter!
 Saturday Jan 31 2009
12:00': Daytime Party @ "Stage Venue Performances"
With Cinema, Market, Art Expo, DJs +
Free Breakfast!
17:00: Lunch at "Hobo RnR Restaurant" with the decks 'on'
21:00': Doors Open at "Stage Venue Performances"
23:30': GENE DRAYTON UNIT (UK) live!


Friday 30 of January

THE MOVING SOUNDS (Stockholm - Sweden)


The Moving Sounds has been going on for seven years now. The band is
known for being a blizzard of hammond fueled fuzz-o-rama on stage.
Although there's no outspoken goal for the band, they seem to want to pay their
homage to their musical heros whoever they might be from
Booker T to Lord Sitar to The Velvet Underground.

THE BARBARA FARMERS (North Euvoia - Greece)


The Barbara Farmers were formed at the beginning of 2006 in Barbara,
a small farming village of refuges, near Aidypsos of Euvoia island!
The members' admiration for the mid 60's garage, surf, groovie'n'soul,
psychedelia as well as the garage revival motivation of 80's and punk,
with great respect to the performances of bands and artists such
as the teens of psychedelic garage from the sixties have played
an important role to their final wedding of sounds. The Barbara Farmers
is a new comers with few appearances, most of them without the full
line up, at high schools and parties. They also took part at
"The Modernground Express 1 & 2", Belle Vue's New Year's Eve etc.

Saturday 31 of January



The GDU does the Hammond & horn thing in a way that references the sixties,
but is at the same time thoroughly modern. With the blues at the root,
the sound fuses jazz, rhythm 'n' blues, garage, northern soul, rock, funk
and punk. Live Drayton shows are renowned for their energy, excitement
and unpredictability - nothing's ruled out in the GDU repertoire; as
Gene always maintains, You Can't Sit Still. The Unit has released
7 vinyl singles and 3 LPs, and has gigged extensively across England and in
, Spain, Sweden, France, Ireland, Belgium and Scotland.


Rob Bailey (Le Beat Bespoke – London / UK)

I got involved in the scene through kids at school, there were
tons of older Mods in my school and some of them drove
scooters to classes, how bloody cool is that! Also by the Jam,
Quadrophenia, Mum and Dads old Beatles, Stones and Motown records.
My Fave styles of 60's music are from 50's blues through to
late 60's Rock, Northern Soul, and Funk and all points in between
R&B, Club Soul, Jazz, Beat, Psych and Pop. My First DJ spot
was way back in the last century. First taste of Djing was at the
local community centre where the Cool Running scooter club
held nights. That was the tender age of 14 years old with
UK Tamla 45's borrowed from Mum and Dad's collection,
and our local bands records like the Prisoners and Milkshakes.
Then I got into the club soul stuff Kent Compilations from
Ady Croasdell and really got the bug and started searching
for original 45's. First serious DJ spots with original 45's were
at the Bizz club, Tooley St, LondonBridge and at CCI rallies
during 1987-88. About my Highlights of my "Dj life", playing
to two thousand Mods in the UK at CCI events during the late
80's at the age of 18 was pretty mind-blowing. Japan was
amazing experience and always enjoyed Italy, Germany and
of course Spain. Probably the most consistent thing I've enjoyed
has been the Mousetrap in London. The amount of amazing tunes
that have come out of the club the last 16 years has been
truly inspirational.

His Top 5:
* DONN SHINN: A Minor Explosion
* DIRTY FILTHY MUD: Forest In Black
* JOYS OF LIFE: Descent

Frantz (Cloud 9 – Rimini / Italy)

Resistance is futile forget your fluffiness and poppy side
we are not joking anymore...
Born in the Aquarian Age, he's a well known name into
the European Mod scene and is usually a special and in demand
guest D.J. across Europe. His collection is now more than 15 years
old and is full of many many many treasured original Uk, USA,
European and Worldwide pressing 45s. Frantz&146;s sound
is a strong and mature mixture of Freakbeat, Uk Psych and
Good US garage punk peppered with unknown gems, personally
His musical taste is wide and in motion, focusing on electric
distortion guitar and organ driven cuts, strong rhythmic section
and an irritable dancefloor appeal.
He's also cofounder of the Cloud 9 Org., responsible for the
Cloud 9 Weekend (in February) and The Vulcan Days
(in September) but also the man behind the www.mods.it and
www.cloud9.it website.
More info: www.myspace.com/modsit.

His Top 5:
* PARAGONS: Abba (Bobbi)
* GENTLEMEN: It's A Cry'n Shame (Vandan)
* HEART: Exit 9 (One Way)
* ROADRUNNERS: Goodbye (

Stephan Golowka (Up Club - Frankfurt / Germany)


Stephan is the organiser and resident dj of the legendary Up Club
Frankfurt - the ultimate 60s psychedelic dance party
- check out www.myspace.com/upclub. He's a dedicated lover of 60s sounds and lifestyle.
He enjoyed to spin records at many international weekenders

like Le Beat Bespoke, Euro YeYé, Lost in
A mixture of freaky beat, psychedelia and jangly garage is the sound you
should expect.

He's really looking forward to come to Greece for the first time!

His Top 5:

* TAPESTRY: Who Wants Happiness
* ONE WAY STREET: I See The Light
* RON GRAY: Hold Back The Sunrise
: You're In Life

aka Mr. Belle Vue (Athens)


He is the 'head' of "Belle Vue Situation" and co-producer of the label
"Belle Vue 45's Series".
Started collecting records before he bought turntables and he loves to spin
Popcorn ballads and mid tempo Rockin' RnB sounds, after a long period into
the Garage - Psychedelic era. Vespa and Lambretta maniac, lover of sharp
tailored clothes and he likes to meet old and new friends for enjoying
together Greek delicatessen and local wine. He is looking forward to live
in a house in the country.
He was dj-ing in Germany for "2 Men From L.I.N.Z." and he was invited
from "Rollin' And Tumblin'", RnB club in Milan, but he lost the flight!
He dislikes the hangovers and people with bad vibes.
He promises you a set full of dirty saxes, smoothie vocals, organ driven 'n cut
riffs guitar! Put on your dancing shoes and get ready for an all-night long
swinging delirium!
His Top 5:
* TOMMY JAY: Tender Love (Hi)

* TOD TYLER: Emancipation Proclamation (Ditto)
* BRUCE CLOUD: Lucky Is My Name(ERA)
* TROY DODDS: The Real Thing (El Camino)
* ERNIE WASHINGTON: Lonesome Shack (Chattahoochee)

Sakis (Larissa)
I'm running, with my bro Mr. Belle Vue, the "Belle Vue Situation"
and Press since 2001. From this year and on everything is not the
same like before…

I'm writing articles for the Belle Vue press, djing for the Belle Vue events,
making some artwork and posters for it!

I'm deep into white sounds from early 60's garage and beat to late 60's freakbeat,
psych and some early 70's sounds!
Love to collect original 45's and LP's,
soccer (Larissa F.C. fanatic supporter), beers, good wine, Greek food, art,
cinema, travelling and of course my job, as an architect.

I hate fake people who are into the scene only to show off their attitude…
their records...their clothes…everything…and missing the flavour and the magic
of the 60's fun!

Except "Belle Vue", I'm running with some friends, the "No Budget" concert's
team in my hometown Larissa that we organizing gigs and art working for a
numerous local and international bands!

His Top 5:
* REX GARVIN: Believe It Or Not ( Atlantic )
NEW YORK ROCK ENSEMBLE: Running Down The Highway (CBS)
RICK McCLELLAN: Frozen Sunshine (Ranwood)
RO-D-YS: Looking For Something Better (Philips)
THE TREE: No Good Woman (Barvis)

Mr. Optical Sound (Heraklion - Crete)

Born and raised in Heraklion (the capital of the biggest Greek island, Crete),
Mr. Optical Sound (Dj) has always been brainwashed with sounds of the 60s,
which he's always had a passion for.

Since 1984, he's been digging out musical diamonds of the 60s, which have
been added up to his collection of 45.. records, only to bring about incredible
emotions and shivers.

Guided by his lust for the 60s, he's played music at various local parties
that he himself and his close mates have organised and held. He's also
been writing articles on various European (and some non European) fanzines,
he's been broadcasting on the local radio for 10 years and to make the long
story short, when he doesn't listen to music, he's in search of reading about it.

A humble, though passionate collector of obscure 45..s, mainly of British R 'n' B,
Garage, Punkadelic, Beat/Mod and Greek Shake sounds as well as some
Dirty Black R'n'B Soul.

Every time he's invited to spin his 45s in any dancefloor by any interesting
host group, he's gladly accept it!

His Top 5:
* LIBERTY BELL: That's How It Will Be (Cee-Bee)
* MANIACS: 300 Pounds Of Joy (Odeon)
* BROWN PAPER BAG: Something Tells Me (Jox)
* JOYS OF LIFE: Descent (Columbia)
* KING'S HORSE: Colors (Gree-Jack)


Τsekoura Dionisia – Denia (Athens - GR)
2004-2005: Graduation from the school of fine arts at Tinos with hypotrophy at painting and technical draw.
2005-2008: Student of the University of fine arts.
Participation at several team exhibitions and art happenings at Greece and
at France, as well as at the Athens - Thessaloniki biennale 2008.
More Info:

Maria Kofterou (Nicosia - Cyprus)
Maria Kofterou was born in June 1986 in Nicosia, Cyprus. Has

graduated the Pancyprian Gymnasium (lyceum) of Nicosia with honours in

2004 and went on to study painting in the Athens School of Fine Arts. Has

also taken part in three group exhibitions, has been awarded a high

achiever award for first painting A..L rank in Cyprus and has taken a

three month course in media arts at the Slade, (the UCL department of

fine arts) in London.

She is currently working on her thesis. Her work consists mainly of
painting, installation and graphic narrative.

Maria can say fuck off in five different languages, enjoys long walks on
the beach and is currently sucking at guitar.

Athanassia Vidali (Athens - GR)
E-MAIL: athvid@hotmail.com
* 2004 – Today: Studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts
* 2003 – 2004: High - School Graduation

* Schools of Fine Arts Students' Biennale 2008
* The Ferryman (2008) short movie, (in cooperation), Direct. D. Kotselis
* The theatrical play ''Calderon Enamorado'' (2006), Direct G. Petsopoulos,
Ιinstitute Cervantes.

Pierrick Detry (Annecy - France)
Born in 1979 at Annecy (74 - Haute Savoie - France)

1996 - 1999: Technical school of micro mecanique BEP - CAP micro mecanique
1999 – 2001: Diplom CAP of stone macon with the "compagnon du devoir"
2001 – 2003: Diplom BP from the ISRFMP (Institu Superieure de Recherche
et de Formation au Metier de la Pierre) directed by the compagnon du devoir
2004: Travel to Greece
2008: Participation to the second edition of the XPMAGAZINE
Some other "performance" inside some small happening (sculpture of ice at the front of a bar, small stone sculpture made in live in on the center of my village)


"Η Ληστεία Στην Οδό Σταδίου" (The Robbery Of Stadiou Avenue)
1968 - 80 min

Ο Αλέκος, ο Μάριος και οι φίλοι τους οργανώνουν την ληστεία
ενός κεντρικού κοσμηματοπωλείου. Το κοσμηματοπωλείο ανήκει
στον πατέρα της Μαριάννας και της Καίτης. Η Μαριάννα δεν
υποψιάζεται ότι ο μνηστήρας της ο Μάριος ήταν ένας από τους
ληστές και ότι η υπηρέτριά τους είναι φίλη του. Η παρέα αποφασίζει
να προχωρήσει ακόμη πιο πολύ το κόλπο, εκβιάζοντας τις δύο αδελφές.

* Achillio Hotel cat C - 50 EUR
Tel.: +30 2410 537401
Fax: +30 2410 536328
e-mail:  info@achilliohotel.gr
* Asteras Hotel cat B - 55 EUR
Tel.: +30 2410 534772-5
Fax: +30 2410 536414
* Ambassadeur Hotel cat C - 45 EUR
Tel.: +30 2410 250713, 250028, 251792, 251452
Fax: +30 2410 553531
* Acropole Hotel cat C - 45 EUR
Tel.: +30 2410 536315, 537088
Fax: +30 2410 537088

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Celebrate In Style with Belle Vue At New Year's Eve!

Hey Folks,
Belle Vue is giving you the choice to celebrate New Year's Eve in style with the top dance sounds from the sixties underground!
So, put on your dancing shoes and come down to the dancefloor of Stage Performances for an all-nite long swinging delirium.
Belle Vue resident DJ's, Sakis 'n Mr. Belle Vue, will be there spinning all
genres of 60's sounds from Garage, Freakbeat and Psychedelic to Club Soul, RnB and Boogaloo.
Special guest, DJ Marcone from Milan - Italy.
Also included all night free buffet, offered by Hobo RnR restaurant, psychedelic light show + market!

Where: Stage Performances Venue (8, Iras str - Larissa)
When: 31 December 2008
Doors Open: 00:30'
Entrance: FREE!

Marcone's Top 5:
* Barbara Lynn: I'm A Good Woman
* Tribe Shades of blue: Oh How Happy
* Impact The C.O.D.'s: I'm A Good Guy
* Kellmac The Spellbinders: A little On The Blue Side
* Columbia The Vibrations: Dancing Danny

Sakis' Top 5:

* Les Baxter: Wheels (Sidewalk)

* Rex Garvin: Believe It Or Not (Atlantic)

* Fire & Ice: Music Man (Capitol)

* Ro-d-ys: Looking For Something Better (Philips)

* Suzi Jan Hokom: Need All The Help I Can Get (MGM)

Mr. Belle Vue's Top 5:
* Val Martinez: Pay Day (RCA Victor)
* Big Maybelle: 96 Tears (Rojac)
* The Spidells: Uncle Willie Good Time (Monza)
* Milt Rogers: Lonely Road To Damascus (Dot)
* The Playthings: Lipstick (Liberty)

Be Seeing You!

Δευτέρα, 3 Νοεμβρίου 2008

"The Modernground Express 3" with THE MOJOMATICS live!

Το "Modernground Express" εμφανίζετε στην Ελλάδα για τρίτη συνεχόμενη χρονιά. Αυτή η Ελληνοιταλική συνεργασία έχει παρουσιάσει συγκροτήματα 'σταθμό' για την νέο-sixties σκηνή της Ευρώπης.

Κατά το παρελθόν είχαμε την ευκαιρία να δούμε groups σαν κι αυτά των The Sick Rose, The Sound Explosion, The Cavemen, The Frantic V, The Barbara Farmers και The Teardrops.
Φέτος θα έχουμε την τιμή να απολαύσουμε ένα από τα σημαντικότερα συγκροτήματα στο χώρο των sixties revival παγκοσμίως. Οι Ιταλοί The Mojomatics από την Βενετία για πρώτη φορά στην Ελλάδα για μια και μόνο εμφάνιση στην σκηνή του Stage Performances στη Λάρισσα στα πλαίσια του "Modernground Express 3" και κάτω από την ομπρέλα του Belle Vue.
Οι Mojomatics ξεκίνησαν ως duo κάπου στα 2004 και από την πρώτη τους κιόλας εμφάνιση κατάφεραν να καταπλήξουν όλους όσους είχαν την ευκαιρία να βρεθούν σε κάποιο από τα ρεσιτάλ τους. Αυτό που τους κάνει μοναδικούς είναι ο τρόπος που παντρεύουν το Garage Punk με τα Delta Blues αλλά και την Soul της Atlantic με το RnB και τη Folk. Είναι αυτό ακριβώς που θα θέλαμε! Αυτό το κράμα μεταξύ Pretty Things και Mouse And The Traps χωρίς να γίνονται retro. Φρέσκο Rock 'n' Roll, μεταλλαγμένο blues, φρενιτιώδης τύμπανα και ορυμαγδός από κιθαριστικά riffs τα συστατικά τους!
Καιρό είχε η sixties κοινότητα να γνωρίσει ένα συγκρότημα το οποίο θα μπορούσε να χτυπήσει τα charts αλλά και να έχει την αποδοχή από ανθρώπους και εκτός αυτής.
Πριν και μετά την εμφάνισή τους η ομάδα Belle Vue θα είναι εκείνη που θα έχει την αποκλειστική ευθύνη για το τι θα παιχτεί στα decks του Stage Performanes. Μαζί της και ο DJ Henry από το Μιλανέζικο RnB club "Rollin' & Tumblin'".
"Modernground Express"
is being presented in Greece for the last three years. It is a Greek-Italian collaboration that has introduced really major bands coming from the new-sixties Europe scene.
In the past we had the opportunity to enjoy bands like The Sick Rose, The Sound Explosion, The Cavemen, The Frantic V, The Barbara Farmers and The Teardrops.

In this year's Modernground Express we have the chance and joy to see a band of great importance into the sixties revival scene worldwide. The Mojomatics from Venice / Italy will be presented in Greece for the very first time, and for only one show at the Stage Performances Venue in Larissa within "Modernground Express 3" that's produced by the caring hands of Belle Vue.

The Mojomatics started their career as a duo around 2004. They've managed to give the "wow" effect from their first ever gig and they still continue to spread it with brilliant performances around excited crowds.
They have a unique way to combine Garage Punk with Delta Blues but also Atlantic's Soul with RnB and Folk. It is exactly what we were waiting for: An imaginary collaboration between Pretty Thins and Mouse and the Traps but without them sounding too retro. Just fresh Rock 'n' Roll, mutant blues, frenzied drums and magical riffs as their main ingredients!

It has been a long time since a band that hits the charts can be accepted at the same time by todays true sixties fans and not only.

Belle Vue's team will be exclusively in charge of the decks at Stage Performances before and after the show. DJ Henry of the Milanese RnB club "Rollin' & Tumblin'" will also join them for a fantastic dj set.

OTD: 20,00 EUR (Incl. Drink)

"The Athenaeum Cave 4" with THE JAYBIRDS live!

The Athenaeum Cave 4

Η ομάδα Belle Vue παρουσιάζει το ετήσιο mod/60's event "The Athenaeum Cave".

Το "Athenaeum Cave" εμφανίζεται για 4th συνεχόμενη φορά σε Αθηναική αίθουσα και αυτό είναι πια γεγονός. Την Παρασκευή στις 7 Νοεμβίου στο club Rodeo (Χέυδεν 34 και Αχαρνών) προσκεκλημένοι του, ίσως το μεγαλύτερο όνομα αυτή την στιγμή στο χώρο των 60's revival, οι Αυστριακοί The Jaybirds. Με παρουσία σε festivals όπως Le Beat Bespoke, Euro Ye Ye, All Saints Mod Holiday και αφού έχουν μοιραστεί την σκηνή με όνοματα όπως οι Sonics και Rolling Stones ετοιμάζουν τις βαλίτσες τους και έρχονται για πρώτη φορά στην Ελλάδα.

Οι Jaybirds φτιαχτήκαν στα 1989 στη Βιέννη και από την πρώτη τους κιόλας εμφάνιση έδειξαν την αμέριστη αγάπη τους για τον 'μαύρο' αλλά και για τον 'λευκό' ήχο της δεκαετίας του εξήντα.

Αν κι εσείς αγαπάτε τα mod κουρέματα, τις chelsea boots, τα στενά μεσάτα σακάκια, τα ταγιέρ, το eye liner, τα scooters, τον αυθεντικό RnB ήχο αλλά και το Freakbeat αυτή του η εκδοχή, ίσως να γραφτεί πολύ βαθειά μνήμη σας.

Καθ' όλη την νύχτα οι Djs του Belle Vue και με καλεσμένο τον Mr. Optical Sound από την Κρήτη θα σας ταξιδέψουν, μέσα από τα original 45άρια, στην χορευτική πλευρά της δεκαετίας του '60 με ήχους από RnB και Club Soul έως Garage, Freakbeat και Ψυχεδέλεια.

* Τη βραδυά θα ανοίξουν οι 'δικοί' μας The Snails!

* Το "Athenaeum Cave", στις 8 Νοεμβρίου, θα ταξιδέψει έως το Stage club στη Λάρισσα.

Belle Vue presents one of their annual mod/60's events "The Athenaeum Cave".
The "Athenaeum Cave" appears for 4th season in an Athens venue and it is now a regime event. On Friday 7th of November at the club Rodeo (34, Heyden & Aharnon str.) Belle Vue will invite The Jaybirds from Austria, one of the biggest groups in the contemporary 60's revival scene. The Jaybirds performed live in big festivals, such as Le Beat Bespoke, Euro Ye Ye, All Saints Mod Holiday, and shared the stage with brand names of the scene as the Sonics and The Rolling Stones. They are now preparing their baggage to come for a very first time in Greece.
The Jaybirds were formed back in 1989 in Vienna and from their first live they proved their true love about both "black" and "white" sound of the 60's decade.
If you are one of the true 60's scene lovers and you love mod haircuts, chelsea boots, slim fit suits, eye liner, scooters, authentic RnB sound, Freakbeat, this is the live performance that will be stuck in your minds.
Through the whole night Belle Vue DJ's will travel and blow your minds together with their special guest DJ "Mr. Optical Sound" from Creta while they will be playing 60's dancing sounds like RnB, Club Soul, Garage, Freakbeat and Psychedelic from the original vinyl 45's.

**** On Saturday 8th of November The "Athenaeum Cave" will take the way up north and will travel to Larissa at the "Stage" club.

OTD: 18,00 EUR

Μπύρα: 3,00 EUR

Ποτά: 5, 00 EUR

Κυριακή, 1 Ιουνίου 2008

Mr. Belle Vue spins Greek Sounds for "2 Men From LINZ" weekender in Germany

Όταν η πτήση μας ανακοινώθηκε για τις 11:05' κάπου αγχωθήκαμε. Ήταν και η πτήση της προηγούμενης εβδομάδας στις 15:55' για Μιλάνο που χάθηκε...
Μετά από σχεδόν 3 ώρες ταξίδι φτάνουμε στο αεροδρόμιο της Κολωνίας. Ένα e-mail του Michael Wing, διοργανωτή του weekender, έκανε τα πράγματα λίγο πιο δύσκολα. Η κλήση του κατά την άφιξή μας το επιβεβαίωσε... Ήταν 160 χλμ μακριά, στην άλλη πλευρά από αυτή που περιμέναμε και τώρα πια χρειάζεται να πάρουμε το τρένο μέχρι την Κολωνία και από 'κει άλλο για το Bad Breising.
Anyway. Μετά από περίπου μιας ώρας ταξίδι και χωρίς εισητήριο, γιατί έτσι έκατσε, είμαστε στο Bad Breising. Ο Michael μας ειδοποιεί ότι είναι on the road και θα μπορούσαμε να πάμε μέχρι το ξενοδοχείο Vater Rhine. Ρωτώντας Γερμανούς για το town down του χωριού φτάνουμε μετά από κανά τέταρτο περπάτημα σε μια ήσυχη προβλήτα με πολλά μαγαζιά που όλα ήταν ξενοδοχείο, καφέ αλλά και εστιτόριο. Καθόμαστε κάπου τυχαία, μιας και το βάρος που σέρναμε μαζί μας, μας συμβούλευε ότι δεν ήταν η ώρα για πολλά σουλάτσα.
Αφού παραγγέλνουμε τις πρώτες pils αντιλαμβανόμαστε ότι είμαστε δίπλα ακριβώς από το meeting point.
Και να οι πρώτοι mods! Δύο κορίτσια που ήρθαν από το Λονδίνο, όπως μαθαίνουμε αργότερα. Τελικά είμαστε από τους πρώτους.
Η ώρα έχει πάει περίπου 18:00' και αφού ήδη έχουμε φάει εμφανίζεται ο Michael Wing πάνω στην μπλέ Lambretta του, όπου το logo "Soul Mate" στολίζει την αριστερή της ποδιά.
Μετά από μερικές μπύρες με τον M. Wink και τον Andy (τους διοργανωτές) ξεκινάμε για το ξενοδοχείο της Miss Brown, όπου και θα μέναμε. Super cool!!! Φανταστικό δωμάτιο με θέα όλο το χωριό και το ποταμό Ρίνο. Sixties vintage έπιπλα αλλά και καρνταρόμπα! Το μόνο του μειωνέκτημα ότι ήταν κανα τέταρτο περπάτημα από το club. Το ξεπερνάμε εύκολα...
Μετά τα απαραίτητα ντουζ και το καφεδάκι από τα χεράκια της Miss Brown και αφού η ώρα έχει πάει 22:00' αρχίζουμε να ετοιμαζόμαστε για την νυχτερινή μας έξοδο.
Φτάνοντας στο club οι περισσότεροι είναι ήδη εκεί. Κατευθείαν στο bar για τις πρώτες pils. Η πρώτη βραδιά δεν είχε κάποιο live αλλά οι DJs 'δώσαν το καλύτερο ευαυτό τους. Βασικά 'μάυρες' μουσικές με το Damien να γίνετε από τους αγαπημένους μας. Κάπου στις 08:00' αποφασίζουμε να αποχωρίσουμε. Μετά από περίπου ένα 2ώρο περιήγησησης στα δρομάκια του Bad Breising, μιας και δεν μπορούσαμε να βρούμε που μένουμε, φτάνουμε στο δωμάτιο...

Σάββατο, 31 Μαΐου 2008

Belle Vue 45's Series 003 "The Gonks"

If in '66 were The Small Faces 'rockin' the boat' in the music industry in '08 are The Gonks! Four original covers with eclectism beat, blue eyed soul and touch of RnB in this first e.p. of these five beatsters from Antwerp. Vintage electric night club sounds in tracks as "Tomorrow My Love" and "Just A Man" for the 'Belle' side and the return of sophisticated generation in tracks as "Throw Me A Line" and "Hey!" for the 'Vue' side.
Dreams became reality!